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Chropractic Care for Your Body

The doctors will examine your spinal column for misalignments (called vertebral subluxations) causing the spine and nerves stress. Vertebral subluxations can damage the nervous system and affect the workings of the entire body. If subluxations are present, The doctors will correct them with a chiropractic spinal adjustment in order to release the spinal stress.
Without subluxations the body will function better, have higher resistance to disease and express more wholeness (health) than a body with uncorrected subluxations. 
That is the essential message of chiropractic care.

Dynamic Chiropractic Online (ChiroWeb)

Provides extensive articles on chiropractic care and wellness. Includes a searchable database and numerous organizational tools for researching specific topics. (organized by article archive dates)

Planet Chiropractor

Offers an advanced Search tool to find articles and information in their database and the on the world-wide web.

Chiropractic Pediatrics

Provides numerous articles and research on pregnancy, birth, and childhood health concerns.

International Coalition For Drug Awareness

A group dedicated to educating others about the dangers of many prescription medicines.The first link goes to an article archive; the second offers a Google search tool for finding information within the Drug Awareness database and/or on the Internet.
Chiropractic care is one emerging area in which patients with certain aggressive malignancies, including mesothelioma cancer, have introduced into formal and traditional treatment regimens.

Chiropractic Information and Resources

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